Disinformation about Orgonite

Orgonite is a technology, not a religion or belief. It is not an ideology or a way of life.

Disinformation on the internet connecting Orgonite with aliens and such is an attempt to ridicule this break through, in an attempt to have this technology, as with William Reich, discarded and thrown away ensuring no one utilizes it.

The same forces that put William Reich in prison and subsequently murdered him, still exist today.

There is a consorted effort being made to put out disinformation and perpetuate it with talk of "sylphs" and "aliens", all a vain attempt to mock this technology and in essence do away with its earth restoring effects which no sum of money can buy.

Observations clearly show atmospheric reparation in plain view.

This has been seen repeatedly throughout the globe and within the scientific community,

being able to "repeat" the experiment is essential in proving whether it is effective.

Research indicates the same results are being seen everywhere, in other words

Orgonite is effective.

Based on our observations Orgonite works 100%